Integrated Measurement Communication System ( IMCS )

IMCS is the system that collects measurement data from wired or wireless measurement devices.

Now  IMCS support U-Wave System of Mitutoyo  

IMCS designed for high customization and flexibility. The system developed in .Net technology and  Python  and Node.js

The key features of IMCS

  • Client - Server Architecture
  • Generate reports in many formats: CSV, XLSX or web page
  • Use JSON-format in communication
  • High scalability
  • Database Support: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB

IMCS system diagram

How U-Wave system works ?

System screenshots

Application Software

Main page of application software. IMCS can weight scaling and measures dimensions: width, thickness, flatness and hole.

Some dimension ( in the screen is the thickness window ) need to measure multiple points and choose conditional result ( for example min value )

When job finished. User can print label sticker.

Web application can generate excel file and plot bell curved chart.

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