simpliCalCoupon is a mobile application for iOS and Android that connects with Strava web api and download users’ activities and use calories data turn into coupons or vouchers.

You have system backend that collect all users activities and essential data for improve your current/next online campaign, and you possible to design the exchange conditions of the application

The system developed by Django, Ionic framework, MongoDB

These screenshots of the application for a big sport equipments store in Thailand

Home screen of application, it showed the total calories of campaign, and article feeds

Promotions listing and detail page: when user decide to use a coupon , the system then cut points and keep the coupon in their digital wallet

Event page shows current total calories and top contributors of event

My profile page shows users’ info , activities, wallet and coupon usages history.User can slide any activities for coupon redeem.

Wallet tab shows total points of user.

History tab shows their coupons and user can redeem in this screen.

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